Financial Management External CFO

The sooner the enterprise starts with installing of the finance function, the better. Many domestic enterprises do not have Chief Financial Officer (CFO) due to their size, the cost of such installment, or for the lack of understanding of the benefits inherent in such installment. A proper CFO provides support and information needed to create and enhance business success. Every corporation in the world has a finance function that provides key advice, direction and support crucial to the success of the business.

Prospect Advisors’ Financial Management (External CFO) program can provide:

  • Create management reporting systems and write up procedures for their utilization, building information highways to be used by the Client to make smarter decisions increasing profits
  • Provide strategic level consultancy of higher level interpretation and analysis of data
  • The ability to identify key issues that may be causing problems and opportunities for growth and higher profits.
  • A broad range of expertise and work on areas such as pricing, business planning, bank meetings and budgeting and cash flow forecasting.
  • A fresh perspective and advice on all areas of business including IT, human resources and operations.
  • A trusted sounding board you can regularly turn to for impartial advice.
  • Assurance your accounts are done correctly.


We will help you choose best of the partner banks and build fruitful relationships between you. Financing, refinancing, bad debt workouts….

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Financial Management

Due to a whole universe of different business profiles and equal number of personal preferences to their management, we provide financial management consulting structured for each client every time. Our financial management services are numerous yet they all align near planning, monitoring and controlling of business operations…

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Investment services

Strong M&A / investment advisory services platform including full range of services from early considerations to documentation. Core services in this field include financial due diligence, valuation, transaction advisory (targeting and short-listing, strategy design, outlining of teasers and memos, support during negotiation and structuring, sale purchase agreement making and closing.

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Restructuring & reorganization

PA Restructuring / reorganization services provide companies with consulting, management, audit and legal services package needed to plan, organize and execute multiple financial and operational restructuring processes, within or separately of the Bankruptcy legal framework (pre-packs, “UPPR”).

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