Due Diligence Hidden agendas

Prospect Advisors’ due diligence is a valuable tool to investment decision-making, and it can include financial and legal considerations (Financial and Legal due diligence). Due diligence focuses on critical and defining business elements, while scrutinizing and re-defining all vital business components in order to re-draw the business, adjusting and normalizing earnings, net worth and other parameters.

Our due diligence will be guided by the Client instructions and concerns, and will include all special considerations demanded by our Client up front or during due diligence process, in order to answer all key questions raised by the Client. Instead of buying a “Cat in a bag”, our Clients will have a firm grip on the issue and professional examination of many individual target properties and transaction aspects.


We will help you choose best of the partner banks and build fruitful relationships between you. Financing, refinancing, bad debt workouts….

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Financial Management

Due to a whole universe of different business profiles and equal number of personal preferences to their management, we provide financial management consulting structured for each client every time. Our financial management services are numerous yet they all align near planning, monitoring and controlling of business operations…

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Investment services

Strong M&A / investment advisory services platform including full range of services from early considerations to documentation. Core services in this field include financial due diligence, valuation, transaction advisory (targeting and short-listing, strategy design, outlining of teasers and memos, support during negotiation and structuring, sale purchase agreement making and closing.

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Restructuring & reorganization

PA Restructuring / reorganization services provide companies with consulting, management, audit and legal services package needed to plan, organize and execute multiple financial and operational restructuring processes, within or separately of the Bankruptcy legal framework (pre-packs, “UPPR”).

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