Restructuring Consolidation and Reorganization

Our Restructuring (Reorganization) services are demanded by companies in financial distress, worrying insolvency and bankruptcy outlook, most frequently consequential to significant leverage on debts, accompanied by prolonged decreases in business and earnings.

Our Reorganization (Restructuring) project advisory typically assumes three different sets of services:

  • Planning (Consulting),
  • Organization (Management),
  • Execution (Representation);

Planning includes pre-due diligence with situation analysis, choosing and refining models and variations between on and off-court Restructuring models, assembling Independent Business Reviews (IBR), Reorganization Plans (pre-defined /UPPR/ or during Bankruptcy) delivering situation analysis, identifying issues that block the business and propose / define measures that are to be taken; these documents often must include fully fledged business financial modeling and forecasting projections, assumptions definitions, risks assessment and recommendations to company and creditors on how to re-define their contractual relationships to maximize repayment capacity.

Organization means capacity building in terms of assembling the optimal, cost – efficient professional team of financial, legal, tax advisors, auditors and other professional bodies and consultants usually required in scope of reorganization, and management of the assembled team throughout the project.

Execution means representation in negotiations with creditors (banks and suppliers, tax authorities, government bodies, etc), representation in court (bankruptcy through reorganization, pre defined /UPPR/ or during bankruptcy)
Based on our support, mutually acceptable solutions to existing problems are found and agreed upon by the concerned parties, while paths to financial consolidation and recovery are set and followed.

Based on our support, mutually acceptable solutions to existing problems are found and agreed upon by the concerned parties, or ordered by court, whereas paths to financial consolidation and recovery including repayment of debts are set and pursued.


We will help you choose best of the partner banks and build fruitful relationships between you. Financing, refinancing, bad debt workouts….

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Financial Management

Due to a whole universe of different business profiles and equal number of personal preferences to their management, we provide financial management consulting structured for each client every time. Our financial management services are numerous yet they all align near planning, monitoring and controlling of business operations…

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Investment services

Strong M&A / investment advisory services platform including full range of services from early considerations to documentation. Core services in this field include financial due diligence, valuation, transaction advisory (targeting and short-listing, strategy design, outlining of teasers and memos, support during negotiation and structuring, sale purchase agreement making and closing.

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Restructuring & reorganization

PA Restructuring / reorganization services provide companies with consulting, management, audit and legal services package needed to plan, organize and execute multiple financial and operational restructuring processes, within or separately of the Bankruptcy legal framework (pre-packs, “UPPR”).

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