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Valuation services CE-ZA-R (SCHOLTZ group)

We are providing valuation services to client CE-ZA-R, Beograd (Centar za reciklažu, part of multinational Scholtz group), excercises including standard equity valuation of their newly-added subsidiaries / affiliates (in this case REC-EE-O, electronic scrap collection and recycling ), and annual goodwill impairment tests on the consolidated business in compliance with IAS 36.

Our client is the dominant company on the national scrap market (plus 30% share), while their parent Sholtz Group is considered to be one of the top three steel and metal scrap recycling companies in the world, with direct interest in 50 companies and indirect in numerous subsidiaries, accross 500 collection sites within Europe.

Great to be able to perform for top clients and industry masterclass who demand top standard and quality.

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