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SUCCESSFUL CLOSING: Banini Reorganization Plans Adopted.

Opening the second month of the second year of Banini AD and Banini Trade DOO reorganization management twin delivered within Bankruptcy Law framework, both companies’ pre-packed reorganization plans (UPPRs) were formally adopted today in two separate judicial hearings held before the Zrenjanin Trade court. A remarkable majority of creditors across various classification categories set out in both plans voted “in favor” of the approvals, unanimously making the decisions to accept the pre-packs ( UPPR ) – not a single creditor voting against…

Valuation services CE-ZA-R (SCHOLTZ group)

We are providing valuation services to client CE-ZA-R, Beograd (Centar za reciklažu, part of multinational Scholtz group), excercises including standard equity valuation of their newly-added subsidiaries / affiliates (in this case REC-EE-O, electronic scrap collection and recycling ), and annual goodwill impairment tests on the consolidated business in compliance with IAS 36.

Our client is the dominant company on the national scrap market (plus 30% share), while their parent Sholtz Group is considered to be one of the top three steel and metal scrap recycling companies in the world, with direct interest in 50 companies and indirect in numerous subsidiaries, accross 500 collection sites within Europe.

Great to be able to perform for top clients and industry masterclass who demand top standard and quality.

Fasil AD Operational Restructuring

Engaged on crafting an operational restructuring programme for Fasil AD (www., creative and inspiring engagement with plenty of room to make strong positive impact and help the company turnaround and reinforcement of its going concern rationale.

Banini reorganization (UPPR)

Not long after completing due diligence on consolidated Banini, we met with an even greater challenge – heavyweight, highly complex twin-companies mandate on reorganization management, including our full involvement in execution of numerous tasks inherent in financial and operational restructuring (reorganization) of the two Banini companies and under the bankruptcy law framework.

The job included assembling the team of consultants, auditors and lawyers, preparing reorganizaction plans (UPPR), managing audit and legal procedures (partnering with Moore Stephens and KN Law) providing assistance in negotiation with creditors, court representation, and much more. We created a strong professional platform that performed very well, delivering top level service and solutions to complex multiple tasks accross different professional segments.

Banini due diligence

Completed one rather complex due diligence mission on the consolidated Banini business, including an independent business review with consolidation plan crafted for management and key creditors of the business, as an instrument and basis for definition and making of crucial decisions with respect to restructuring process and reorganization measures, to be embarked upon in the near future with aims at financial, operating restructuring and consolidation of one of the national and regional largest and oldest confectionery (sweets) producers.

Hidropromet Restructuring UPPR

Restructuring (Reorganization) Management. We have put together a team of advisors, auditors and corporate lawyers to do a restructuring engagement for on our client Hidropromet inženjering d.o.o. Belgrade, privately owned engeneering and development enterprise operating during the last two decades in various public sector project design, engeneering and development – utilities, infrastructure, traffic, construction and renovation of public sector premises (sports, educational, religious, goovernment).

Alubond Europe / Mulk Holdings UAE

We recently completed an exciting financial consulting project – it’s not every day we have a globally leading group for a client: we were asked to craft a comprehensive business & investment plan of Alubond Europe d.o.o., member of Alubond U.S.A group of companies – the largest producer of fire -rated aluminum composite panels in the world, with facilities in the USA, UAE, India, Oman, Serbia and Turkey (12 million sqm. panels annual output, or some 12% global construction consumption and market share).

Alubond U.S.A is the flagship operation of Mulk Holdings, a two-billion USD international conglomerate consisted of 14 companies around the world, operating in construction materials, renewable energy and health care.

Successful closing

We have successfully arranged a substantial credit facility for one of our returning Clients, including long term financial restructuring – comprehensive refinancing of financial and trade debts, as well as new working capital financing.

We have approached some 10 commercial banks on behalf of our highly demanding Client and, after nearly three months of intensive presentation, structuring and negotiation – finally managed to secure two competitive credit approvals for our client to choose between.

The Client’s decision was to sign Contract with the Bank approving better terms of credit, and it happened but a few days ago. We are very proud of this achievement: securing the absolutely best possible deal for the Client under difficult market and deal-specific circumstances.

Another workout project

We finished another multi-bank and creditor workout process for one of our returning clients from Novi Sad. In our crafting of Independent Business Review with long term financial restructuring plan, we have accomplished to revise, present and align the Company financial situation, earning capabilities and going concern with interests and capacities of their two major creditors from the domestic financial arena, as well as one major trade creditor, multinational industrial group headquartered in Sweden.

Montenomaks Control & Logistics, Podgorica

Our client is the leader in logistics operations in Montenegro (customs, public warehousing, transportation and distribution) and is currently investing in logistics-distribution center near Podgorica.

During March, we have performed works on financial analysis, business planning and valuation for Montenomaks, with feasibility study elements in regard to construction of the logistics center.

Moreover, we will cooperate (on permanent basis) with this enterprise in the capacity of their financial consultant on matters of financial managemet (planning, monitoring and control), as well as for their business on capital markets.


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